Financial innovation

To help the domestic financial industry accelerate its transformation to conform to global technological progress, FinTechBase is committed to developing fintech innovation and talent, the two most important elements for success. As a gateway to Taiwan’s fintech industry, we plan to maintain healthy communications between domestic companies and foreign entities, encouraging cooperation within the industry. This is all in an effort to link domestic industry, government, education, research, and entrepreneurship together to create a prosperous fintech ecosystem.


We hope to consolidate the power of fintech companies and create a bridge to help existing financial organizations catch up.

Key Financial Innovation Projects

Fintech Festival

FinTechBase, as the largest fintech talent pool platform in Taiwan and the gateway to Taiwan’s fintech industry, plans to annually hold the largest fintech event in Taiwan. Our primary motivations for holding this event are to integrate domestic production and research, create more communication opportunities, and to show the strength of Taiwan’s fintech industry.

FinTech Talk – an international symposium on fintech

FinTech Demo – fintech innovation presentations

FinTech Expo – fintech innovation exhibition

FinTechBase Festival

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