The acceleration of fintech companies is one of FinTechBase’s most important functions. In order to quickly cope with the unrelenting changes and new trends in fintech, the world’s major financial institutions are actively developing new technologies. We too are focused on helping innovative fintech companies to achieve their goals.

Our startup accelerators not only strengthen the movement of knowledge and experience within the industry, but also develop and provide exclusive resources for startups. Over the past year, we have been working with more than 15 major innovation accelerators in Taiwan and abroad, including fintech promotion organizations and incubators (for more information, see partners), in an effort to provide helpful resources and improve problematic areas of Taiwan’s fintech startups.


We have planned out four accelerator programs, and now we are just waiting for you to join!

Four Accelerator Programs

Business Counseling

New Business Strategy Counseling

New Service Business Publishing

Technical Consulting
International Links
Financial Assistance (Limited Subsidized Teams)
After Financial Counseling

Program Eligibility

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Training Teams

  • 匯柏康logo 63548

    Webercom Digital Tech

    (Payment/ B2C)

    We offer a QR code cloud integrated service to businesses and consumers to help with electronic payments, called “Any1Pay”, so that Taiwan’s goods and services can be quickly sold around the world. In addition, we have developed a payment mechanism to help Taiwan’s electricity business with international orders.


  • 瑞保logo 1b55e

    Robo Web Tech Co., Ltd.

    (P2P Lending/B2C)

    LnB transforms trust into credit, allowing lenders to become interest earning investors, and borrowers to become credit-valuing loanees. Using the internet, they can find and trust each other on our marketplace and benefit from financial disintermediation. LnB has designed many unique processes in order to comply with current banking laws in Taiwan and create competitive consumer benefits.


  • 現代財富logo ad95d


    (Blockchain, Virtual Currencies/B2B2C、B2C)

    Founded in 2014, MaiCoin is a FinTech pioneer and a one-stop digital asset platform for virtual currencies with a mission to enhance financial services and promote economic development through blockchain technology.


  • 喬睿科技Logo TapPay 35132

    Cherri Tech Inc.

    (Information transmission/ B2B/ B2C)

    TapPay is an O2O payment technology, enabling applications to have a payment method through an easy, hassle-free SDK. We developed a secure data transfer technology using bluetooth and acoustic modulation technology, or DBST(Dual band Sound Transmission), which is compatible with over 95% of smartphones and most of the POS system.


  • cherrypay e320b

    CherryPay Service Co., Ltd.

    (P2P跨境支付/ B2C)

    CherryPay was born to provide a safe and convenient P2P money transfer service. We can match any individuals in different countries to transfer money through P2P payment to their local accounts. Users are also able to search for payment tasks to fulfill other users’ payment requests. There are no time differences or expensive bank charges. Refunds will be made if the matching is unsuccessful.


  • thintank logo 1 a2c76



    Using AI and big data analysis, THINKTANK is able to help conduct fraud detection, risk management, and portfolio analysis for the financial industry.


  • tixguru logo 8f0d5


    (Wealth Management & Robot Advisor / B2B)

    At Tixguru, we use AI technologies and quantitative analysis to create intelligent trading bots, manage portfolios, and model & forecast the market. Our team’s mix of software engineers, machine learning experts, and private capital fund managers allows us to transform difficult trading decisions into machine comprehendible tasks.


  • 艾爾希格airsig logo 1 90f06


    (Authentication /B2B)

    AirSig is an authentication company and our technology “Air Signature” is designed to terminate passwords in the mobile world. It uses an innovative algorithm and the action of waving a smartphone to enable high-quality mobile authentication. Our vision is to offer the most convenient and safe authentication to the mobile world.


  • 思達特logo 78b7f

    Starter Tech. LLC.


    Starter Tech. provides semantic analysis and financial chatbot solutions. Our product FinChat uses financial consulting, AI technology, and social media channels to communicate with customers. Thus, FinChat can provide the most fitting financial products to customers and improve the efficiency of consultants, increasing sales and customer satisfaction.



  • 高文創意logo 2543b

    Gavin Marketing Inc.

    (Lending Information Platform/B2C)

    SmartLoan hopes to solve the problem of asymmetric information about bank loans, make loan applications more efficient, and provide service on multiple platforms and operating systems. We solve the issue of banks not being able to find target customers, and customers not being able to find a suitable bank.


  • fintechgo logo b9f5f

    CCKM Knowledge Management Ltd.

    (Knowledge Management/B2C/B2B2C)

    "FintechGo" is the best cloud backing to help financial consultants to provide financial knowledge, data information, cloud storage, real-time messaging, and other comprehensive consultation customer support services as well as maintain their unwavering positions in the hearts of the customers in this technology era.


  • 繁星Logo3 7578d

    Stars Technology Ltd.


    The core service of Stars Technology is electronic transaction payment systems. We provide electronic ticket online payment (eUPay), prepaid telecommunications payment (SIMpay), and financial big data services.

  • 騰越 7cc0c


    We integrate touch screens, post invoice systems, and tax rebate systems into kiosks to provide shops and foreign travelers with tax rebate services.

  • 聲聯網logo soundnet 28ec3

    Soundnet Tech Co., Ltd.

    (Information transmission/ B2B)

    Soundnet connects the world through ultrasound and voice recognition technology to provide O2O services. Our technology allows for cross-screen interactive screens of Internet applications, such as cross-platform screening, multi-screen advertising, promotional push messaging, mobile business, and more.


  • 揪探吉 ed5aa



    A battle arena for gladiator-in- trading; a platform for budget-sensitive investors to find their

    best GURU of investment. We transparentize information asymmetry in traditional

    investment channels for investors, and provide a battle field and a stage to gladiator-in-

    trading with a great opportunity to shine and be seen.


  • 商借町logo金想貸logo 81860


    (P2P Lending/B2C)

    We are a P2P lending company, creating a platform to provide borrowing and lending matchmaking services while charging a reasonable profit. We hope to provide transparent lending information on the internet, getting people the lending information they need.


  • 逗派 fb25c

    DoughPack Co.

    (P2P Lending/B2C)

    We are trying to solve the problem of the lack of financing opportunities for college students, who are rejected by traditional financial institutions, and have no help available from their parents or friends. We match students who have capital needs with individuals who have idle capital so that all students can have better financial flexibility. We also plan to establish a student credit rating database in the future.


  • 蒙地卡羅LOGO 46499

    Sim M Cloud

    (Investment/ B2C)

    We provide a back-tested financial data platform using data mining systems to explore strategies, so that investors can more easily track investment targets.


  • aimazing logo 64422

    Aimazing Pte. Ltd.

    (Information transmission/ B2B)

    Aimazing’s product is an SDK that is designed to be easily integrated into applications, such as mobile wallets, to enable close-proximity transactions using sound waves, without depending on NFC and with no operating systems requirements. The user experience will be very similar to NFC; transactions will be done with just a simple tap to the terminal.


  • 艾威奧普logo 3034c


    (Traveltech/ B2C)

    Addweup provides a new service in international airports for departing foreign passengers with remaining leftover local currency. Users can deposit their leftover money into online wallets or donate it to a charity of their choosing.


  • 鄉民貸LOGO 908e3

    Netizen Loan

    Netizen Loan (P2P Lending/B2C)

    Netizen Loan is Taiwan’s P2P lending platform. Apply for a low, fixed rate personal loan or invest to earn solid returns.  We’re transforming the banking system to make credit more affordable and investing more rewarding in Taiwan, while removing the need for banks.


  • 立鼎資訊logo f4591

    Leadin Technology Inc.

    (Wealth Management/B2B2C)

    TradingValley is a platform for the personal robo-advisor that will truly be by your side and take care of all your investment planning.

    Users will have a tailor-made portfolio that allows the accumulation of wealth in a simpler and more intelligent way.


  • AYF安永金融科技 Logo 01 61273

    AnYong Fintech Co., Ltd

    (Wealth Management/ B2B、B2C、B2B2C)

    Anyong strives to combines cloud integration services, big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop its own Chatbot Builder Framework. The utilization of SNS platform provides Omni-channel service module for the financial industry.


  • 紛太Dinngo logo 0ccb9



    Dinngo is a payment app that turns the simple act of tagging into payments.

    Dinngo evolves constantly, always finding ways to create new products and services that streamline our lives.


  • 群馥科技fugle logo 31725

    Fortuna Intelligence Co., Ltd.

    (Wealth Management/ B2B2C)

    Our mission is to help investors make insightful analysis and profitable decisions. We provide a simple, intuitive and personalized investment research space and a personal messenger bot. This saves users more than 45% of their time and allows them to make better investment decisions.


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