Standard Chartered and SuperCharger

announce 10 Fintech companies for its 2018 accelerator programme in Hong Kong

Artificial Intelligence is the most popular technology, whilst RegTech shows significant traction


Hong Kong, 30 January 2018 Standard Chartered and SuperCharger, Asia’s leading Fintech accelerator based in Hong Kong and Malaysia, revealed 10 companies to join its third programme in Hong Kong at the Fintech Finals 2018.  SuperCharger pooled 277 applications from 43 countries, a record number that reflects the appeal of Hong Kong as a base for Fintech companies. Of the application pool, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most popular technology sub-sector, followed by Regulatory Technology (RegTech). The majority of the cohort are revenue-generating, mature-stage companies seeking to expand into Asia. Standard Chartered, the Main Partner of SuperCharger who has supported the programme since its founding, welcomes the new cohort. With its focus on human-centered banking, Standard Chartered is excited to explore the solutions developed by the cohort to elevate its banking services to the next level.

Carol Hung, Chief Information Officer of Standard Chartered Hong Kong said:“Our partnership with SuperCharger has been a great success in the past two years. Our deep experience in banking, combined with innovative ideas from Fintech companies, has created opportunities for the bank to deliver more cutting-edge technologies and services for our customers. We are very excited to be the Main Partner of the programme and look forward to working with the top finalists this year.”

SuperCharger complements Hong Kong’s innovation agenda by connecting leading local and global Fintech companies with financial institutions. The local authorities have been actively facilitating Hong Kong’s transition into smart banking in an effort to build the city as a global Fintech hub. InvestHK, as one of the Hong Kong’s main drivers of Fintech initiatives, has assisted numerous Fintech companies establish their presence in Hong Kong in addition to hosting key entrepreneurship events such as the upcoming StartmeupHK Festival 2018 and the annual Hong Kong Fintech Week.

Charles D’Haussy, Head of Fintech, InvestHK said:“SuperCharger’s programme is a perfect example of Hong Kong’s organic Fintech ecosystem. Led by the private sector and supported by Government, this cohort of companies now have the opportunities to thrive in an environment highly conducive to expanding and scaling.”

Janos Barberis, Founder of SuperCharger said:“We are proud to advance the regional Fintech agenda. Thanks to our team’s effort and the continuous support from Standard Chartered. Our third cohort represents an ideal mix of companies that can deliver immediate benefits to retail consumers as well as support Hong Kong’s vision of smart banking.”

The 10 finalists for SuperCharger 3.0 are (alphabetical order):

  1. AIZEN  – Credit Scoring and Management with Artificial Intelligence
  2. cyberProductivity – SME Accounting with Artificial Intelligence
  3. Enforcd (United Kingdom) – Regulatory Intelligence (RegTech)
  4. Exate Technology (United Kingdom) – Data Privacy Management (RegTech)
  5. FundPark (Hong Kong) – Trade Finance for SME
  6. gini (Hong Kong) – Personal Financial Management
  7. Investment Navigator
  8. Know Your Customer – Client on-boarding
  9. Mindbridge AI – Financial Auditing with Artificial Intelligence
  10. vPhrase – Analytics and Insights

 Please refer to the Appendix on p.4-5 for more information on each company.

The finalists will participate in the 12-week curriculum, during which they will gain access to expert advice in market developments, obligations and investment opportunities, as well as opportunities to explore partnerships with Standard Chartered. The programme also leverages SuperCharger’s extensive network of supporting partners, among which are Baker & McKenzie, Arbor Ventures, InvestHK, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Temenos.

The 2018 programme will officially launch on 19th March 2018 and conclude with a Demo Day in June. For more information about SuperCharger, please visit www.fintechsupercharger.com or contact hello@fintechsupercharger.com

For media enquiries, please contact:

Standard Chartered Hong Kong

Nicole Lo

Corporate Affairs


+852 2820 3843

SuperCharger Limited

Brandon Chung

Programme Manager


+852 9168 9102

Standard Chartered

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Standard Chartered PLC is listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges as well as the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India.

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SuperCharger Fintech Accelerator

Leveraging on Hong Kong's traditional strength as Asia's finance and technology gateway, SuperCharger is a 12-week Fintech Accelerator Program backed by Standard Chartered Bank, among others. In its previous batch, SuperCharger received over 200 applications from more than 30 countries globally, and selected 8 Finalists. The companies typically range from early-stage to late-stage growth Fintechs and the program alumni have since raised over US$370 million combined. The startups are enriched by the support and mentorship of more than 150 individuals, including VCs, industry experts, government officials, and local entrepreneurs..

SuperCharger’s finalists and alumni are shaping the future of finance in Hong Kong and beyond. For more information about SuperCharger and its initiatives, please visit www.fintechsupercharger.com, or contact hello@fintechsupercharger.com.



SuperCharger 3.0 – 10 FinTech finalists are:

  • AIZEN –  Credit Scoring with Artificial Intelligence

AIZEN provides a real-time AI Credit Cycle Control Module to help banks monitor, predict, and control loan portfolios in a single platform.

  • cyberProductivity – SME Accounting with Artificial Intelligence

cyberProductivity provides banks with real-time accounting data to offer financial products based on clients’ needs. Virtual CFO technology helps banks' SME clients to have easier access and better manage their finances.

  • Enforcd (United Kingdom) – Regulatory Intelligence

Enforcd is a global regulatory intelligence platform that helps banks embed a strong compliance culture – stay informed, identify and predict risk, and share best practice throughout the organisation.

  • Exate Technology (United Kingdom) – Data Privacy Regtech

Exate provides a data privacy solution which protects data by allowing it to travel with its own rules. 

  • FundPark (Hong Kong) – Trade Finance for SME

FundPark is a trade finance platform that connects businesses with funders, it provides invoice financing and purchase order financing for SMEs by using its propriety data analysis model for due diligence, verification and pricing.

  • gini (Hong Kong) – Financial Management

gini is an app that helps customers manage their personal finances and rewards them for it. gini lets users take control of their financial life by putting all their credit cards and bank accounts in one app for free.

  • Investment Navigator – Wealth Advisory

Investment Navigator enhances the investment & advisory value chain from research to distribution with suitability assessments, solves cross-border distribution, product and tax suitability issues.

  • Know Your Customer – Client on-boarding

Know Your Customer provides digital on-boarding solution that automates anti-money laundering compliance processes and radically reduces corporate and individual on-boarding times in financial institutions. 

  • Mindbridge AI – Data Analytics for Financial Auditing

MindBridge™ AI leverages artificial intelligence to detect errors in financial data. Its flagship Ai Auditor™ automates the ingestion and analysis of data and generates risk-scoring algorithms.

  • vPhrase – Analytics and Insights

vPhrase's product Phrazor uses AI to summarise data into bullet points, which allow users to review the key insights for decision making.

370x235mm 資安新創 v.s 金融創投 Meet Up研討會 201712 01 a735f

資安 v.s 金融&創投 Meet Up










  • 開場Keynote邀請國際知名Moment加速器創辦人David Liu來臺分享RegTech法遵科技相關議題。
  • 12項金融資安解決方案發表:金融資安解決方案介紹,包括資安深度學習偵防分析、資料加密保護、網路銀行監視系統、SWIFT 入侵、FinTech行動身份認證、金融威脅情資平台等12項最新金融資安解決方案。


  •  金融產業代表:希望尋求資安解決方案者,建議為公司內部資訊相關部門為主要對象。
  •  Fintech業者:希望與資安技術進行合作者。
  •  創投業者:有意了解資安產品並進而評估投資合作者。




資安活動議程1 bdae5






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  • 主辦單位對於本簡章內容有最後之解釋及決定權。


財團法人資訊工業策進會 邱先生


手機: 0935-870-755



370x235mm 新加坡 01 002 50483


      金融監督管理委員會指導台灣金融服務業聯合總會(金融總會)籌設「金融科技發展基金」,並由金融總會委託本會執行「金融科技創新創業及人才培育計畫」。金融總會為推動本計畫,規劃辦理「2017 FinTechBase新加坡金融科技創新趨勢考察團(下稱本考察團)」。




(一) 參加由新加坡金融管理局(Monetary Authority of Singapore)所主辦的亞太區金融科技年度盛會-「Singapore Fintech Festival 2017」,協助台灣業者瞭解監理沙盒之成效、區域市場發展與應用之關鍵核心議題及市場進入機會

(二) 實地參訪「新加坡科技金融協會(Singapore FinTech Association, SFA)」及當地各大金融科技創新實驗室,增進團員與各國參訪團、SFA之新創會員、創新實驗室之交流與互動

(三) 與SFA合作、接軌國際平台,希冀協助國內金融機構、金融科技創新服務業者建立與當地金融科技創新生態圈之橋樑,進行國際業務合作、募資媒合發表,並進一步帶動國內金融科技發展與成長契機。



(一) 參加「新加坡金融科技嘉年華Singapore Fintech Festival 2017」:

此活動為新加坡金融管理局(MAS)所主辦的金融科技展,包括「多樣主題性的論壇」、「一站式金融科技博覽會」、「黑客松Demo Day」,以及「Fintech Award頒獎典禮」等,同時MAS也與設於新加坡的各大金融科技創新實驗室合作open house「Lab Crawl」,使與會者能參觀並與實驗室進行交流,如DBS Asia X、Bash、VISA、IBM Blockchain Lab,以及由新加坡三家理工學院聯合組成的Innovation Lab等皆是今年FinTechBase海外考察團預計參訪的實驗室,期望透過參與Singapore Fintech Festival,能促發以下三大效益:

  1. 瞭解新加坡政府對其金融產業創新、新創創業的鼓勵機制、過去一年監理沙盒的舉辦成效,以及如何與產業合作,建構雙贏模式;
  2. 考察國際金融業者、科技業者進行企業內部創新之方法;
  3. 深入掌握東南亞、開發中國家之最新金融科技趨勢及發展。

(二) 參訪「新加坡科技金融協會Singapore FinTech Association」:

新加坡科技金融協會(Singapore FinTech Association,SFA) 是一跨領域之非營利組織計畫。該協會目前約有160位會員,其中8成以上皆為跨國金融科技新創公司如PolicyPal,而大型金融、科技企業如UBS、UOB、Microsoft、SWIFT、華為、EY、NTUC Income等也是會員之一。該協會亦與哥本哈根金融科技中心、VISA、新加坡5大理工學院(新加坡理工學院、義安理工學院、淡馬錫理工學院、南洋理工學院、共和理工學院)等機構分別簽訂MOU,以期共同加速跨國、跨界之金融科技產業發展。



  1. 金融科技國際暨區域市場發展趨勢與交流,強化台灣在金融科技產業上的國際創新網絡;
  2. 金融創新解決方案引介,使台灣團員瞭解世界各國新創團隊所提供的最新金融科技創新服務;
  3. 台灣團隊國際市場發表,讓FinTechBase培育團隊上台發表,於國際舞台上展現台灣金融科技實力。




(一)  活動時間:2017年11月12日(日)至11月18日(六),共七天六夜

(二)  參與對象:金融監督管理委員會、中央銀行、財政部、金融周邊單位與金融業各公協會、各金融服務業中高階主管、產業專家意見領袖、FinTechBase 培育團隊,限額30名。

(三)  主管機關:金融監督管理委員會

(四)  主辦單位:台灣金融服務業聯合總會

(五)  執行單位:財團法人資訊工業策進會

(六)  合作單位:新加坡科技金融協會(Singapore FinTech Association, SFA)





聯絡人:伍小姐 02-6607-2751 / 林小姐 02-6607-2759



banner 2017 產創大會 1200x480 websitev2 10f13





為加速國內金融產業創新應用發展,建立國內金融業者、創投業者與Fintech新創團隊間交流之平台,金融總會特於106年10月25日、26兩日規劃辦理「2017 FinTechBase 產創業務暨募資媒合會」。本次媒合會將邀請本計畫的培育團隊,以及國外具潛力的優質新創業者來台進行產品展示及簡報發表,其中創新產品/服務內容包含財富管理、法遵科技、保險科技、支付、人工智慧技術、區塊鏈技術、身分認證技術、KYC等各種不同金融科技創新領域。希望協助台灣金融業者在與國內外新創團隊的創新思維互動下,加速企業內部創新,因應國際金融科技趨勢之浪潮;同時也讓新創事業與台灣金融業者、創投業者、天使投資人及其他業者進行接觸,以尋求合作商機及鏈結募資人脈,希冀透過辦理此媒合會活動,提升國內各大金融機構對金融科技新創服務共創與合作的意願,以達成促進媒合之雙贏目的。




第一日 金融科技新創發表日:106年10月25日(三)上午09:00~下午17:00
第二日 一對一閉門式媒合會:106年10月26日(四)上午10:00~下午16:00


民生科服大樓 14樓創新廳、1F小型會議室(台北市松山區民生東路四段133號)




Day 1 :金融科技新創發表日 Demo Day




Day 2 :一對一閉門式媒合會議 Deal Day

活動第二天(10/26, 星期四) 安排已事先申請、及25日當天現場報名媒合洽談的金融業者、創投業者及天使投資人與新創業者進行一對一閉門式媒合會議,協助國內金融業者深入瞭解海內外金融科技新創事業之發展潛力,建立對話的橋梁,進而促進金融科技產業發展。目前共開放8場次,名額有限,意者從速。

產創大會圖檔 1c7f4




2017 產創 海外新創介紹 6921a


2017 產創 台灣新創介紹 2ee24



第 1 頁,共 2 頁



數位服務創新研究所 金融科技創新組

地址:台北市松山區民生東路四段133號5F D室


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